Teams and results

Team 1

Stanislav Borysov; Department of Management Engineering; DTU

Bart Olsthoorn and Matthias Geilhufe; Condensed Matter, Statistical and Biological Physics; NORDITA

Ranjan Srivastava; Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering; University of Connecticut



Team 2

Nicholas Rego and Zachary Varley; Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering; University of Pennsylvania

Victor Osamor and Emmanuel Adetiba; Department of Computer and Information Sciences; Covenant University



Team 3

Benjamin Afflerbach; Materials Science & Engineering; University of Wisconsin – Madison

Lay Wai Kong; Data Center; Intel Corporation

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Team 4

Mert Sengul; Materials Science and Engineering; Pennsylvania State University

Tirthankar Dasgupta and Ying Hung; Statistics and Biostatistics; Rutgers University

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Team 5

Yihuang Xiong and Weinan Chen; Materials Science and Engineering; Penn State University

Hua Wei and Wenbo Guo; Information Science and Technology; Penn State University

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Team 6

Victoria Miller; Materials Science and Engineering; North Carolina State University

Carena Church; Data Science; Citrine Informatics

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Team 7

Matthew Jones and Evan Miller; Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering; Boise State University

Bryan Stanfill; Applied Statistics and Computational Modelling; Pacific Northwest National Lab

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Team 8

Wesley Tatum; Materials Science and Engineering; University of Washington

Diego Torrejon and Patrick O’Neil; Data Science; Spaceflight Industries

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Team 9

Noa Marom and Alfred Liu; MSE; Carnegie Mellon

Matthew Spellings; Chemical Engineering; University of Michigan

Bradley Dice; Physics; University of Michigan

Brian Reich and Laura Wendelberger; Department of Statistics; North Carolina State University

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Team 10

Jessica Kong; Chemistry; University of Washington

Karl Pazdernik and Sarah Reehl; Applied Statistics and Computational Modelling; Pacific Northwest National Lab

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Team 11

Bharat Medasani; Physical and Computational Sciences Directorate; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Sumit Kumar Jha and Sunny Raj; Computer Science; University of Central Florida

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Team 12

Mehrdad Yousefi and  Ulf D. Schiller; Materials Science and Engineering; Clemson University

Benjamin Erichson and George Stepaniants; Applied Mathematics; University of Washington

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Thoughts on Interdisciplinary Research